Random Thoughts on Pedestrians with Death Wishes … and Anonymous Testimonials

Two things I’m pondering on this gorgeous late summer’s day …

1) We see a lot from our offices high above Davis Square, and I want to state this for the record: Any day now, some clueless pedestrian sauntering across the street while texting is going to get injured or killed by an oncoming car. That will make for an embarrassing anecdote or, in the latter case, obituary.

2) More relevant to the world of marketing in which The Hired Pens operates, I have a question about a tactic I see all the time: Why do businesses even bother posting anonymous testimonials on their websites?

More to the point: How exactly does sharing a glowing statement reinforce one’s awesomeness if the source of that glowing statement is not revealed? Everyone will just assume some slick marketing guy made it up. Which is probably what happened anyway.

OK, enough griping. Back to this gorgeous late summer’s day.

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