About Our Copywriting Agency

Sharing a spot atop our copywriting agency’s totem pole are partners Anna Goldsmith and Dan O’Sullivan, who founded The Hired Pens in 2001.

Anna and Dan have since surrounded themselves with a skilled team of senior-level copywriters. Each brings expertise in certain industries (e.g. technology, healthcare, retail) and formats (e.g. Web, white papers, feature articles). Does this mean we can handle any size of copywriting project or type of subject matter? Pretty much.

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How Anna & Dan (Allegedly) Met

He first saw her on a misty April morning inside a bustling Paris café.*

Anna Goldsmith labored at her laptop, sipping her double half-caf with a twist and struggling mightily over an arcane grammatical rule. Dan O’Sullivan silently approached. Leaning in over her left shoulder, he whispered, “A semi-colon might do the trick.” Anna blushed. She knew right away that this man would one day be her business partner.

And so it came to be. Anna and Dan made their professional union official in June 2001, christening their venture The Hired Pens. The world of professional business writing would never be the same.

* This account is largely fictional, as the actual story is much more boring.