Copywriting Services

Let’s face it: Writing is hard work. There’s the research, the planning, the painful stretching of the fingers. And that’s before you even start typing.

Writing creative, concise and engaging copy is a real challenge. Yet if your words fall short, you’ll turn off prospects and customers — and disappoint your sixth-grade English teacher.

At The Hired Pens, we put words in their place using the right voice and the right platform. Here’s a look at our copywriting services:


Naming, taglines, tone and voice guidelines: If you’ve ever done any online dating, you’ve probably been asked to think about “your personal brand.” This is really just a clever way of asking, “What makes you ‘you’ and different from your competition?” In business (and probably dating, too) the best brands are distinct, consistent and memorable.


Brochures, catalogs, direct mail, white papers, case studies: Finding the right mix of collateral is different for every company: Do you make in-person sales calls? You should probably have some sort of leave-behind. Are you a tech company trying to make a name for yourself? Consider investing in a white paper. Not sure what you need? We can help you figure it out.

Content Marketing

Strategy, content creation, editorial calendars: Content marketing is based on a pretty indisputable premise: No one likes to be sold to. The best way to build loyalty is by giving customers and prospects something valuable: a white paper on a relevant industry topic, an engaging e-book that helps them do their job better, etc. The deals will follow.


Feature articles, profiles, newsletters: Got more to say than will fit into 280 characters? Of course you do. But choosing the right topics, the right angle and the right words can be a full-time job. And we know this because it’s ours. Don’t worry — we’ll give you all the credit.


Event emails, sales emails, drip campaigns: Think about your inbox: How many emails do you trash instantly? A lot, right? In fact, in a national study of the most challenging jobs, “subject line writer” was second only to “air traffic controller.” It’s true.* And to get someone to open, read and act upon what they’ve read? It’s not easy, but nothing in life worth doing ever is.

* It’s not true.


Strategy, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn: Just because you have a 25-year-old receptionist who is “always on her phone” doesn’t mean you should put her in charge of social media. Unfortunately, a lot of companies have to learn this the hard way. We know you’re not one of them.


Keynote speeches, state-of-the-business addresses, TED Talks: Did you know that audience attention flags after just seven minutes? To wake ’em up, you can stop talking, say something jaw-dropping or plop a heavy chain on the stage. We’ve worked with clients who have employed one or more of these tactics successfully, including senior executives, a rodeo queen and many, many TEDx speakers.


Training, instructional and promotional videoscripts: Will all content be in the form of video five years from now? We doubt it, but video is clearly on the rise. And if it’s not part of your marketing mix today, it’s probably time to give this medium the respect — and budget — it deserves.


Websites, landing pages, e-books, digital ads: Writing effective Web copy is different than, say, writing a novel. We have no idea how to do the latter. But the former is all about being succinct and scannable — and remembering that while Google is reading every word you write, it’s more important to write for actual humans. (So no more keyword stuffing, cool?)

Our Copywriting Services, from A to W

Annual reports




Case Studies



Conference/workshop materials

Content marketing strategy + creation

Content strategy

Digital ads

Direct mail



Editorial calendars (content calendars)

Email campaigns

Executive bios


Feature articles

Fundraising letters

Help text (instructional text)


Jingles *

Landing pages


Love letters *

Messaging guidelines



Print ads

Product descriptions



Sell sheets

SEO copywriting

Social media strategy


Store displays


Telenovellas *

Term papers for lazy teens **

Tone and voice guidelines

Trade publication articles

Training materials


Video scripts: training and promotional


White papers

* We haven’t actually written these, but wish someone would ask.
** We don’t actually write these. And how do you expect to get ahead in the world with an attitude like that?