Want To Talk Like TED? We Can Help.


Hey, did you know that Anna runs one of the largest, most successful TEDx events in the world? It’s true. And it’s also about time we capitalized on these skills. After all, a powerful talk can inspire teams, launch careers and supercharge book sales. But first, you have to write it. (That’s where we come in.)

As a TEDx producer and speaker coach, Anna has read thousands of applications and helped hundreds of speakers deliver the talk of a lifetime. But you don’t have to be on the red dot to benefit from the public speaking strategies of the TED stage. (There’s a reason it’s the most popular—and imitated speaking style in the world.)

Anna will help you:

  • Find and shape your own “big idea worth spreading.”
  • Capture the attention of your audience from the very first line.
  • Showcase your expertise without the laundry list of degrees and titles.
  • Build emotional rapport through powerful storytelling and humor.
  • Transform “industry speak” into relatable, conversational language.
  • Avoid common speaker pitfalls, including the dreaded attention-span trap.

If you’d like to explore working together on your own TEDx talk or TED-style talk, the first step is to connect with Anna for a short meeting. We’ll talk about where you are in the process — just kicking around “big ideas” or looking to polish a rough draft? Together, we’ll figure out the right process, program and pricing to get your talk where you (and your audience!) want it to be. You can reach Anna at anna@thehiredpens.com.

Check out our brand-new Web page for more details!


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