How Graphic Designers Make Life Hell for Copywriters, and Vice Versa

The relationship between a copywriter and graphic designer can be a beautiful, harmonious thing — or it can be a disaster because each does things that drive the other one nuts. I’ll start with my perspective as a copywriter who has worked with dozens of designers over the past 20 years. Here’s one that kills […]

No Success Online Dating? Change Your Font, Not Your Photo.

Want to find love, ace that test or lie online? Then you better choose the right font. Below you’ll find three of the craziest studies I came across when I was trapped in the font research vortex for my last blog. Enjoy. 1. If you want people to believe you, use Baskerville. Turns out font […]

How to Turn Off 75% of Your Readers in an Instant

“It’s possible to blow away three-quarters of our readers simply by choosing the wrong type.” So says Colin Wheildon, author of Type & Layout: Are You Communicating or Just Making Pretty Shapes, in an article by John Wood. That’s a lot of people to lose right out of the gate. Think about what that represents […]