Our Own Karen Dempsey Published on

Congrats to Hired Pen Karen Dempsey, whose essay, “Lockdown: Teaching Students to Hide From Guns, and Hide Their Fears,” went live on the Motherlode blog yesterday.

Copy We Wish We’d Written: Blue Bell Creamery

My 12-year-old neighbor, Phoebe, returned from a trip to Houston and couldn’t wait to tell me about the ice cream she’d discovered, Blue Bell, and the company’s super fun slogan, “We eat all we can, and sell the rest.” (Phoebe’s not aware that I write copy for a living, but she knows how I feel […]

The Hired Pens Is Featured in The New York Times … Well, in a Not-so-roundabout Way

My favorite thing to do on Sunday night is read The New York Times Sunday Styles section. So it was pretty thrilling to turn to page three and see the headline “Goal Oriented” followed by a plug for PUMA’s new Kehinde Wiley collection that we wrote about. They even plugged PUMA’s e-commerce site. Does that […]

An Old Friend, On His Way Out

Being a newspaper subscriber is kind of like owning a 15-year-old dog. You don’t know exactly when the experience is going to end, but you might want to hold off on buying another bag of kibble. I am by no means a Luddite. I’m an avid Internet enthusiast and, in fact, earn much of my […]