Soup for Summer? The Power of Effective Signage.

IMG_9375Remember how hot it was this August? Crazy hot, right? So hot you went around saying things like, “Man is it crazy hot or what?” So hot you’d rather go hungry than do something as crazy as … eat soup.

So what do you do if you’re The Soupery? Just walking by their sign made me let out an involuntary, “Ugh, soup! That’s crazy!”

Then one day I saw a large sandwich board out front. The daily soup selection had been replaced with this: “All Natural Homemade Popsicles Inside!” And suddenly The Soupery made sense again.

So, Soupery, we at The Hired Pens salute you: This is a great example of using the power of words to redirect business back into your door. Well, words and lemon cream popsicles. (Delicious.)

And as I walked back from my grueling barre class today (yes, I’m just bragging), I was very happy to see you’re embracing the “Is it summer or is it fall?” conundrum of September by including your daily soups right alongside your selection of popsicles.

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