Soup for Summer? The Power of Effective Signage.

Remember how hot it was this August? Crazy hot, right? So hot you went around saying things like, “Man is it crazy hot or what?” So hot you’d rather go hungry than do something as crazy as … eat soup. So what do you do if you’re The Soupery? Just walking by their sign made […]

So you’re nine. So what? That’s no excuse for ineffective signage.

Dear Emma/Madison/Hannah/Olivia, Wow! You found a kitten. That must have been fun and surprising, but also a little sad. Where is that kitty’s mommy? I’ll bet you wondered … and then wondered if you could be the mommy. Could you?!!!! Could you?!!!!! But, no. Your mom/dad/grandma/nanny is allergic. So, the answer is no. No, Emma/Madison/Hannah/Olivia, […]