This Mother’s Day Tell Mom She’s … Crazy?

Dear ProFlowers,

As a new mother, Mother’s Day has taken on new meaning for me. So, when ads for ways to celebrate this special day come on, I’ll pay close attention. Or I’ll turn the radio up so my husband can pay close attention.

Driving in my car the other day I heard your recent ad. It started out normally enough:

It wouldn’t be a great Mother’s Day for Mom without having Mothers Day flowers delivered. In fact, mom’s special Day requires only two things: Mother’s Day flowers, and endless appreciation for everything mom has done and continues to do!

And I was right there with you, glad you were not offering me discount Mother’s Day Botox injections as a previous ad had. (“*Sniff, I love you, you wrinkled old bag!”)  Flowers, on the other hand. Flowers are nice. In fact, ProFlowers, you’d have to be crazy not to like flowers, right? Do you see where I’m going yet?

Just type in codeword “CRAZY” for a special discount.

Really, ProFlowers? Your discount code is CRAZY? Why not “Old Ball and Chain” or “Tired Old Bat”? Even if you meant “Crazy kind of love” well, that’s kind of gross.

Seriously, I need answers. It’s driving me crazy.


Anna Goldsmith

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