The Hired Pens Plays ‘Rate the Spam’

Who loves getting spam? Not me. But it’s inevitable that the occasional spam will slip through the filter, so why not have a little fun with it? In that spirit, let’s take a look at some actual spam I’ve received this month. I’ll give each an Awfulness Score between 1 and 10 (with 10 being […]

Has Spamming Hit a New All-Time Low?

Because if that’s what the nice folks behind this piece were aiming for, they win. Setting a bait for unsuspecting people trying to find out if their friend just died — Bravo!

Shelby Upjg, Laziness Destroyer!

I’m a white American guy who went to a Catholic college with predominantly guys and gals of Irish and/or Italian descent. For better or worse, I don’t hang in particularly exotic circles. Nothing intentional; just the way things have worked out. And yet, lately I’ve been getting weird spam from people with names like … […]