An Open Letter to Oui Yogurt From Moms Like Me

Dear Oui French Style Yogurt from Yoplait, Is it okay that I addressed you by your formal name? I’m not sure on the proper etiquette when writing to dairy-based products. Anyway, I don’t know what kind of crazy market research you did. But since you’re owned by Yoplait, I suspect it was extensive and expensive. […]

How to Make Anything Sound Cool

The other day I bought a new toothbrush because it had “DualAction cleaning power.” “This must be way better than my current toothbrush,” I remember thinking. It wasn’t. In fact, it wasn’t really much different except the bristles had a vague hourglass shape instead of the standard pill shape of most toothbrushes (with UniAction cleaning […]

Get Your Hands Off My Taquitos

Dear Trader Joe’s, I recently learned that you do basically zero advertising. I get it: Why waste money on print ads and circulars when you have a legion of rabid brand ambassadors talking up your plantain chips on the playground and telling people it is “totally worth the two-hour roundtrip drive” to go to the […]

What does it mean to brand yourself?

If you were a brand, what brand would you be? Apple? Harley? Um … Tide? (This Tide commercial is great.) I know: This sounds like an exercise just made for a corporate retreat … right before the “trust falls.” But in our 2.0 world, where the professional and personal are colliding like never before, it’s not […]