At The Hired Pens, People Are Our Fourth-Most Valuable Asset


Pictured: our second-most valuable asset.

A random thought for a Friday afternoon: Many companies like to say people are their greatest asset. But do they really mean it? I doubt it. After all, people come and go. But true assets — like, say, a solid file cabinet — stick around forever.

After conducting a thorough analysis, Anna and I ranked The Hired Pens’ assets in the following order according to value:

  1. Our slick sound system (with built-in cassette player)
  2. Our new Ikea bookshelf (the “Lerberg” — how delightfully Swedish!)
  3. Our snack drawer (which prevents Anna from getting too grumpy in the afternoon)
  4. Our people
  5. Our rotating stand-up fan (with remote control)

We just thought you should know.

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5 replies
  1. Bernie Paquette says:

    It follows that your fourth valued asset has only two legs to stand on whereby your second-most valuable asset has four legs to stand on. Got any openings for a centipede? Surely this would get a leg up on the bookshelf. Of course the centipede might not stick around for long – being number two means always being worried about getting the boot- and with that many legs, getting the boot could really be smarts.


    • DanO says:

      On your advice, we hired a centipede last week. Little did we know they have such short life expectancies…

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