Consumer Tech

If you want to write successfully about consumer tech, start by answering this question: How would I explain Gadget X to my mother? (If your mother happens to be a CTO, sub in “smart 10-year-old.”) Because it’s not just tech junkies buying these products. It’s regular people. And they want to understand what they’re reading and why they should care. Give them that — with a side of personality — and you’ll be steps ahead of everyone else. How many steps? You’ll have to check your step tracker.

Personal Tech Clients

  • IdentityForce
  • iRobot
  • Lenovo
  • OneVision Resources
  • Sony
  • Staples


“Anna is a rare breed of writer. She has the perfect balance of creativity and business instinct. Her writing is so impactful, products seem to literally jump off the page — and all the while a tiny voice incessantly whispers ‘buy me.'”

> John Lucey, copy chief, Brookstone