Zeorge497, We Salute Your Genius Wit!

A couple in a swanky restaurant informs the waiter that they haven’t budgeted for their meal. Apparently, they didn’t expect the filet to cost so much more than their recent meal at a taco stand.

A customer explains to the video clerk that he only has seven dollars set aside for a DVD priced at $19.99. But he might be able to go up to $8.50.

A woman tells the hair stylist she wants highlights – but can only pay for a trim. Of course, she’ll “pay for the highlights next time.”

These three scenarios play out in my new favorite YouTube video: “The Vendor Client relationship – in real world situations.”

I’m not sure who the creative genius is behind this film; all I know is his YouTube handle is zeorge497. But his observations ring oh-so-painfully true to anyone who has worked in a creative agency and dealt with clients making outrageous and unreasonable demands.

Looks like zeorge497 has a lot of other admirers, too. The video was posted on May 22 and had well over a half-million views two weeks later. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

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