Why It Pays to Hire an Outside Copywriter: One Man’s Story

A very short post for today. Why? Three reasons:

  1. It’s sunny and 90 degrees, and I’m feeling lazy.
  2. It’s the middle of the summer, everyone’s on vacation and no one will read this anyway.
  3. I’m skipping town for a few days and want to post something new before our blog becomes as stale as that piece of bagel rotting on the sidewalk outside our office.

So here’s the story: When speaking with prospects, I often mention the benefits of working with an outside copywriter. For one thing, we bring a fresh perspective to the work.

Why does this matter? Sometimes clients get stuck in a rut. They’ve been describing themselves using the same language for so long that they don’t even question it. And that can be dangerous. Or, at least less than optimal.

As an outsider, I’m more likely to flag something that doesn’t sound quite right. Case in point: One of our long-time clients was using the phrase “line of sight” in its collateral. And I didn’t know what they meant by it.

When I questioned two of the marketing folks, they said it was just a phrase they’d always used in that context. They soon conceded that “line of sight” really didn’t make sense. I rewrote the passage accordingly.

This is just a small example that backs up my larger point: When it comes to copywriting, it really can pay to bring on an outsider.

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