Why Did Pandora Sign Up ESPN Football Analyst Mel Kiper, Jr. as a Celebrity Endorser Anyway?

Mel Kiper, Jr.If you care at all about the NFL Draft, then you know Mel Kiper, Jr.

If you don’t care at all about the NFL Draft, here’s all you have to know about Mel Kiper, Jr.:

1) He’s probably the world’s most famous expert on the NFL Draft.

2) He’s almost equally well-known for his freakish, plastered-on hair helmet.

3) He’s never publicly demonstrated any knowledge of purchasing gifts for the lady in your life.

And yet, here’s his mug on the home page of ESPN.com, urging you to shop at Pandora for the perfect present for Mother’s Day.

If you can resist the urge to stare endlessly at his hair helmet, you might take a look at his “top picks for Mother’s Day.” But then you might find yourself wondering, “Wait, what does Mel Kiper, Jr., know about jewelry?” And that can’t be good for Pandora.

On the other hand, if the Mel Kiper, Jr., seal of approval inspires you to head to Pandora for that special bracelet or necklace, then maybe I’ve underestimated him and his power of persuasion. In which case, shame on me.

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