We Always Around

The other week I found myself stuck in traffic behind a delivery truck. I can’t remember what they were delivering since I was too focused on their motto. In big letters they declared, “WE ALWAYS AROUND.” Then in very small letters between the “WE” and “ALWAYS,” they had painted a little arrow and the word “are.”

I wish I had a picture. And if I did, what 1,000 words would it be telling potential customers? Perhaps:

“We might screw up your delivery, but we’ll find a sloppy fix to make it sort-of right!” Or maybe, “If you want a quality job, we’re probably not your best bet.”

Maybe THEY ALWAYS AROUND because no one trusts them with their deliveries …

Okay, now it’s time for our learning moment, and it is this: Sometimes you just have to admit something doesn’t work and start over. Even if it means pushing back the deadline. Even if it means paying more. Even if it means working late. In other words, a Band-Aid fix is never the right one. It hurts when you pull it off.

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  1. Lorelei says:

    In design we say “never fall in love with an idea”. And I love how the truck tried with both graphics and copy, yet failed in both. Makes me feel like I earn my fees.

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