This Cinco de Mayo, Let’s Party Like Mexican Rock Stars (If They Existed)

If you’ve ever wandered the aisles of your local CVS looking for that perfect card to apologize for extensively underlining your friend’s copy of American Psycho, perhaps you’re just looking in the wrong place.

That “perfect” card belongs to the subversive online greeting card company Someecards, along with cards about hernia operations, accidentally stealing your friend’s boyfriend and feeling bad about consistently forgetting to attach documents to emails (you know, for all those times “when you care enough to hit Send”).

They’re even timely with their new line of Swine Flu cards, which allow you to give a shout-out to all the obsessive-compulsive hand-washers you know. 

Anyway, just wanted to take a moment to appreciate the most brilliant copywriting I’ve ever seen since Vitamin Water. And if you see some bit of writing that blows you away, let us know. Especially if we wrote it.

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