Things That Make You Go Hmmm …

If you’re one of the thousands of loyal readers of this blog, you know we never cite irresistible dance/pop confections unless the topic is of the utmost importance. (Remember our post entitled “Pump Up the Jam,” about the challenges Smucker’s faced in marketing its smoked-ham preserves?)

SmileWell, today we have good reason to dust off the title of C&C Music Factory’s 1991 smash. After making a withdrawal from our neighborhood Citizens Bank, the machine spit out a receipt. The message on back (to your left) gave me pause.

Was this a veiled threat? xanax alprazolam anxiety panic disorder Something to keep me in line in case I was considering trashing the ATM kiosk?

Or was it a clever little statement designed to elicit a smile? Something to show the big, bad bank has a sly sense of humor?

The thing is, I have no idea. Neither do the three other people to whom I showed the cryptic message. And I guess that’s a sign of subpar copywriting. After all, if customers aren’t sure how to react (Suspicion? Fear? Laughter?), then the copywriter isn’t doing his job.

That’s my lesson for today.

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