“Want Me to Bring Some Homemade Humans to Your Party?” … “Huh?” … “I mean HUMMUS.” (Damn You, Autocorrect!)

“Your mom and I are going to divorce next month.” Her father had meant to type “Disney” and quickly corrected his mistake. But poor Hannah was shaken. Another victim of autocorrect. In a recent New York Times article, Ben Zimmer writes about the often humorous (embarrassing, socially devastating) results of autocorrect. Wondering how autocorrect works? […]

The Kids Are Not Alright

As a copywriter who has been around for a few years, I sometimes worry about the future. Will supercomputers that “think” like humans someday make me obsolete? We’re probably awhile off from that. Will the natural aging process slowly eat away at my mental function, thus rendering me ineffective as a writer? At some point, […]