Five Strategies to Advance Your Career Using LinkedIn

So the other night I was chatting with my brilliant scientist/entrepreneur friend Dr. Laura Hales (not to be confused with Dr. Laura) about how I really want to start doing more networking but was having trouble finding the time. She mentioned how helpful LinkedIn had been for her own business, The Isis Group, a scientific […]

Social Media Tips and Insight from Lewis Howes, LinkedIn Expert

Recently we gave you some basic tips for improving your LinkedIn profile. Now we’ve brought back LinkedIn expert (and Ohio native) Lewis Howes for some advanced strategies. What’s the biggest mistake people make when creating their LinkedIn profile? Forgetting that LinkedIn is a social network, and that social comes first. Uploading your résumé once and […]

Five Things I Learned: “Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn”

–Hey Dan, have you watched any of that Social Media summit thing we signed up for? –I watched part of one, then I had to go to a meeting. You? –No, but I’m going to today. –Yeah, me too. Yeah, right. We’ve been saying this for three weeks. Which is when we registered for the […]