No, I Won’t Write Blog Posts for $12 a Pop

As a partner at a copywriting agency, one of my key responsibilities is pricing projects. I spend a lot of time speaking with people, learning about their copywriting needs and then writing proposals. Sometimes a prospect won’t have the budget to hire us. I get that. We’re a small business, and we don’t have the […]

Why Does This Little Girl’s Blog Have Over a Million Visitors?

Nine-year-old Martha Payne started a blog last month analyzing her school lunches. Boring, right? But, with over a million visitors in just six weeks, she has something to teach the likes of Michelle Obama and Jamie Oliver. Why is her blog so successful? She pretty much sums it up in her profile: “My dad says […]

Thoughts on “The Science of Blogging”

I get a lot of emails promoting webinars. Every once in awhile, I’ll learn about one that seems worth my while. So I sign up, mark it in my calendar … and then inevitably miss it because I have too much work to do that day. Such was the case with “The Science of Blogging,” […]