Support the Ortus Regni Kickstarter Campaign!

Ortus RegniWe’ve written a lot of things over the past 13 years at The Hired Pens. Web copy for gastroenterology programs. A speech for a rodeo queen. Copy for the back of a receipt handed out at a bakery chain.

But we had never written a rule book for a “closed-deck, deck-design strategy card game set in the Late Anglo-Saxon era.” Until earlier this year, that is.

The card game in question is Ortus Regni, the brainchild of local resident Jon Sudbury. We worked with Jon over the course of a few months to bring the comprehensive rule book to life.

You can check out the rule book here. Like what you see? Throw in a few bucks toward the Ortus Regni Kickstarter campaign by the June 30 deadline.

Thanks to honorary Pens Ethan Gilsdorf and Mary Ann Guillette for their fine work on this project. Good luck on the Kickstarter campaign, Jon Sudbury and Team Ortus!

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