Stop whatever you are doing and watch the Comfort Wipe infomerical now


Since is my home page, I’m not sure why I haven’t stumbled upon Slate’s brilliant “culture blogger” Seth Stevenson before. But after reading his post “Don’t Believe the Wipe” (about the new “Comfort Wipe”), I need to check in more regularly.

I really don’t feel comfortable telling you what Comfort Wipe does, but maybe you can guess. And if not, the complete blog post is here

Here’s a link to the infomerical if you want to skip right to finding out how 18 inches of plastic can change you life … or at least allow you to “Maintain your dignity while maintaining your personal hygiene.” 

I agree with Stevenson; that older lady really does look like she’s about to wink at the audience.

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3 replies
  1. Ruth says:

    Now, ordinarily I would consider this borderline gross yet very funny. However, now that I am 36 weeks pregnant and my girth has expanded by more than your average watermelon…I am intrigued from a very practical standpoint!!!

  2. Anna says:

    Ha! Maybe you should write to them and ask if you can be in their next commercial. “Being a pregnant lady has its advantages …”

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