‘Sorry, Honey, We Can’t Afford to Feed the Baby This Month. The Premium on My Segway Insurance Just Went Up.’

In doing some competitive research for a client in the insurance industry, I learned this startling fact: You can actually buy Segway insurance from Progressive. See for yourself.

So, what do you say to someone who has a Segway insurance policy?

  • “It’s a good thing you’re covered — you can really get hurt cruising at a maximum of 12.5 miles per hour.”
  • “Wouldn’t you be better off investing your monthly Segway insurance premium in a gym membership so you could get some exercise?”
  • “Exactly how long have you been a total nerd?”

And in an attempt to prolong the cattiness of this post: What’s the deal with Progressive spokesperson Flo? For awhile there, I found her TV ads kind of amusing. Lately, they’ve veered into the land of the annoying. And seeing her face plastered all over the Progressive website, well … let’s just say her manic eyes and exaggerated smile are really creeping me out.

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