PE4ME: The Maine State Phys. Ed. Department Misses the Point

photo-51In another life, I think my mother would have been a copywriter. She is funny, creative and enjoys language. And since she can also function on very little sleep and is a bit of a workaholic, she’d probably be successful.

However, Mom’s love of art and children — or maybe just having the summers off — led her to become an art teacher. She’s very good at what she does, but sometimes her latent copywriter instincts kick in.

Like when her colleagues in the physical education department created this promotional water bottle. As you can see, emblazoned on the front is the following message: PE4ME.

“I tried to tell them that it read like ‘pee for me.’ They wouldn’t listen.” Then she paused, adding, “Idiots,” and shook her head sadly.

She has agreed to let me write a blog post about this. But in fairness to her well-meaning though tragically misguided colleagues, I won’t reveal any names or where she teaches.

Let’s just say that the entire incident could have been prevented by inserting a few periods: “P.E. for ME.” It’s still not great, but at least you wouldn’t have thousands of Maine school children running around squealing, “Pee for me!! Pee for me!!” as they quench their thirst.

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