Online Ads That Confuse and/or Scare Me

Bearded Guy

Bearded Guy

Although I am a normally functioning adult, I frequently see advertising that confuses and/or scares me. And that is the topic of today’s blog post.

Take the sample to your left. It touts financial aid opportunities for moms who want to return to school. Displayed is a creepy dude who looks like the unholy alliance of Charles Manson, George Harrison circa 1971 and Jesus Christ after a wild night out with the Apostles.

So what does he have to do with moms and education? You got me.

Confusion Rating: 10
Scared Rating: 8

Big Glasses Guy

Big Glasses Guy

Next up: This unexplainable gentlemen to your right. He apparently is an example of one homeowner who either a) did or b) did not take advantage of Obama’s refinance plan.

Nevermind his monetary savvy or lack thereof, though. What I’m focused on is his bizarre mouth region. Does he have upper teeth? Is he sucking on a white-skinned orange? And if all that isn’t odd enough, he’s got those supersized glasses plopped on his massive upturned nose.

Can’t stop looking at him. Maybe that’s the point.

Confusion Rating: 9
Scared Rating: 6

Grieving Girl

Grieving Girl

Finally, the lovely ad to your left. It’s part of a series of ads that share that tagline and depict various bereaved family members – usually kids.

Now these ads aren’t confusing by any means. I applaud the sponsor (AccuQuote) for being completely transparent in their intentions. But do they really have to show kids? And do they have to advertise on sites I regularly visit (e.g., thus inflicting a regular dose of major buzzkill?

I’ll admit it: This ad did get me wondering who would take care of my family if I died today. So far, I’ve ruled out the Bearded Guy and the Big Glasses Guy.

Confusion Rating: N/A
Scared Rating: 10

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5 replies
  1. Lorelei says:

    I think someone hit the Big Glasses Guy on his back while he was making that face, thus sticking him with it for the rest of his life. Not sure if he refinanced or not. But it tells me not to make faces and that is a good message for the government to send.

  2. GJ says:

    Finally! Someone that’s also noticed these ads, and is smart enough to codify and quantify them! Brilliant!

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