New Hired Pens Site Goes Live, the Masses Rejoice

© Copyright michael ely

© Copyright michael ely

We all know the saying about the cobbler’s children having no shoes. It’s an aphorism that’s certainly applied to The Hired Pens for the past few years. But no longer!

While we’ve been very fortunate to be busy with client work, the downside is that we neglected our marketing efforts for long stretches. So we went months between blog posts. We stopped sending out quarterly newsletters. And our website — which went live in 2004 — started to look outdated.

We’re happy to say we’re back on track, and it all starts with our website. Thanks to the crack team at Commerce Forge, our new site went live in late December. It’s got a modern look, it’s responsive, and it even has a comic strip. Best of all for an agency like ours, it features a bulked-up Portfolio section.

We want to extend our thanks to everyone at Commerce Forge for their talents and patience, especially Mark Marquis, Emma Weisman and Rupesh Gardi.

As for our blog and newsletter: We’re recommitting ourselves to both. Yes, that sounds like a New Year’s resolution that will be forgotten by February. In the spirit of the cobbler’s children actually having shoes, though, we’re going to stick to it.

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