My Boyfriend Doesn’t Get Me but My Deodorant Totally Does

The above line was taken from the blog, Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising. Pretty self-explanatory, but basically it’s a series of images of people with lines of dialog that no customer would ever actually utter. Click here for more examples.

If you don’t work in advertising, you’ll think it’s really funny. If you do work in advertising, you’ll also think it’s really funny … then you’ll feel kind of uncomfortable because secretly, if you’re totally honest, there’s part of you that hopes your customers have such enthusiastic reactions to your hard work.

Here are a few that hit particularly close to home for me:

“This viral made me LOL so hard I think I’ll buy the car that it was for.”

Or, in our case, attend an environmental expo.

“The important content is above the fold. SICK!”

Not a meeting with a designer goes by that we don’t discuss what content needs to be above the fold. Yes, I know, it’s sick.

“Yes! There is consistency between the header and the call to action.”

It would make me blush if someone truly appreciated how hard I work on CTAs. (So hard that I abbreviate to CTA so I have more time to work.)

And the best one of all?

“I wonder if my favorite brand of kitchen rolls has a Twitter steam I can follow.”

I swear just the other day I was coming up with Twitter lines for, okay, I can’t name the client, but dinner rolls are in the ballpark.

So what’s my takeaway? If I think too hard about what I do for a living, I might kill myself. If it wasn’t all so funny.

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