Millennial Say What? How to Talk Young When You’re Old.

millenial words

Playing shuffleboard with my millennial co-producer for TEDx, who thankfully doesn’t use any of the words in this blog.

In preparation for TEDFest in New York City a couple weeks ago, I did a little research: where to eat, what to see, how not to sound old to the majority-millennial crowd …

I’d be embarrassed for anyone to see my search history today, but I’ll put that aside to share this gem of an article (to borrow a term from the other side of the age spectrum):

15 Words and Phrases Millennials Use but No One Else Understands

But before you read, here’s a little pretest I put together for you:

HUNDO P. this ON FLEEK article is the PERF tool to help you understand why that PHUBBING 20-something you’re trying to engage with at the conference might DIPSET.

It’s not you, they’ll say without looking up. It’s just that TBH this scene is making them want to meet up with their BAE for a little JOMO.

JK, it was totally you. Talking to Gen-Xers? Let’s just say THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.

So, without cheating, how many of these words/phrases did you get? Of the 10, I knew four. Not very good. But now that I know them all, does that mean I’m going to start using them? Seriously, I CAN’T EVEN.

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