I Hate You, Cambria Font

I hate you, Cambria font. There, I said it.

How have I developed such malice for something as seemingly harmless as a typeface? Well, to start with, you’re not what they say you are.

Bad attitude, not displayed.

Bad attitude, not displayed.

Your Wikipedia entry claims you were “specifically designed for on-screen reading and to be aesthetically pleasing when printed at small sizes.” Why, then, do I find you incredibly difficult to read? A few minutes of viewing you onscreen, and I’m lunging for the Advil.

Heresy? Perhaps to your legion of blind followers, who are constantly tossing bouquets at your tiny serifed feet. To them, you can do no wrong. And that has only given you an inflated view of yourself. As if you weren’t haughty enough to begin with.

Sure, you have the blueblood heritage that comes with being created by the fat cats at Microsoft. I bet you manage to slip that into dinner conversation, oh, four or five times a night.

And realize this, Cambria font: I’ve seen how you carry on with your Italian buddies. Palatino. Calibri. Bodoni. You sit there at the café, sipping your espressos, spooning your gelatos and hooting as the female fonts walk by. Remember the time you drove poor Lucida Sans to tears by calling her “pleasingly plump?” No lady font should be subjected to such abject rudeness.

Oh, yes, you’ve got quite the fan club, Cambria font. Of which I shall never be a member! When I open a document bearing your horrid presence, you know the first thing I do? “Select All” and then transform you into Times New Roman or another font that’s more agreeable. And more readable. And has less attitude.

You truly are a scourge upon the earth, Cambria font.

Now wipe that stupid smirk off your face.

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11 replies
  1. Pierrlef says:

    I can’t stand this font. I am so pissed at Word for automaticaly converting my beautiful times new roman sentences into this ugly cambria mess when I copy and paste (even if both documents are entirely in times new roman ! wtf !).
    So I just googled “I hate Cambria” and there you are. It feels good to see I am not alone.

  2. Константин Полубес says:

    For me Cambria is best font. Times New Roman is good, but Cambria is much better.

      • Jacky says:

        Honestly if you use Times and Calibri for the same applications you are not making reasoned choices in the first time.

        Also Calibri is specifically designed for screen and quite rounded at the edges, this does not make it suitable for most printed document and certainly not for those where you would use Times – in my opinion at least.

  3. Denis Mallet says:

    Better look at real professional super family fonts, like FF Scala, FFMore, Absara, Fedra, … All available in a slab serif version and all having a perfectly matching Sans Serif companion. They are professional fonts and all available at a professional price. You can check some of my branding design work here and see the way they can be used for creating singular and consistent visual identities: http://www.behance.net/DenisMallet

  4. Stacheowicz says:

    Thank you so much for making this page. I googled I hate Cambria and found you. It feels so good to know there are others out there! I hate the way Word wants all of my documents in this horrible font.

    • Student says:

      But sometimes Calibri looks nicer to me. Well, font vary to each person, every one has different tastes overall.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Cambria is the best font for titles imo, by far. Looks formal and pro. For a moment makes you think you’re using LaTeX.

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