Hired Pens Helps Launch Kick The Cans Website

“More and more, schools, sports teams and youth groups are forced to have kids sell overpriced products like candles and gift wrap or — worse — send them out begging with cans. Parents are hassled, kids are embarrassed, and the programs that need funding get only a tiny fraction of the funds collected.”

That snippet from the Kick The Cans website sums up the problem founder Manassah Bradley is trying to address with his new venture.

How does Kick The Cans work? In a nutshell: The group looking to raise money chooses a community ativan lorazepam project to take on and then encourages family and friends to support its efforts. Sponsors can go to the website to learn about the project and the group, and pledge their funds.

With input from Manassah, The Hired Pens crafted the copy for the Kick The Cans site. Check it out for more details on what Kick The Cans is all about — and why it’s a lot better than traditional fundraising solutions.

On behalf of everyone who’s ever bought a $30 bag of popcorn to support the Boy Scouts, thanks, Manassah.

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