Finding It Hard to Come Up with Good Blog Ideas? Don’t Despair.

I’ve written it before, but it’s worth reinforcing: Failing to update your blog for months (or even years) just doesn’t leave a good impression.

I understand that blogging can’t always top your list of priorities. Anna and I definitely have our blog-less stretches here and there. But at some point you have to step it up, or your blog will end up looking like this one. (No offense, Andy Miller, et al. — yours just happened to be the first good example I found.)

Fortunately, blogging doesn’t have to be as tortuous as you might think. Here are a few ideas that have worked for us.

Provide useful tips.

This is a great opportunity to showcase your expertise for prospects who might be snooping around. Make sure the tips are practical and not overly obvious. We like to give five to 10 tips — going any higher is overkill.

Comment on what’s in the news.

And your industry, in particular. Give readers your spin on a current trend, a new product or a hot company. Another way to show you know your stuff.

Conduct a Q&A.

Think of all the people you know in your industry. There must be a few who’d make for an interesting interview, right? If your contact is game, you can even collect your answers via email — less work for you!

Tell people what you’ve been up to.

This one’s a little tricky. No one (other than maybe your mom) is going to read an extended case study about that big engagement you just completed. But a quick synopsis of that project without excess self-hype? You might have a shot. A nice way to highlight your growing client list.

Put out the call for help.

When in doubt, turn to your online friends. Posting the right question to Facebook, LinkedIn, your blog, etc., might give you a few ideas to run with. (For example: What business problems are you running into these days? What new tools are you using? What do you want to learn more about?)

Have any tips to add to our list? Let us know.

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