Feel Free to Ask Us How to Achieve and Maintain Healthy, Beautiful Skin

One of the great things about my job is that I get an education in an incredibly wide range of subjects.

Over the past 10 years, I’vDermaMed Solutionse written about everything from vacation hot spots and glow-in-the-dark condoms to brain surgery and planning for retirement. I usually learn just enough to bring up the topic with friends and acquaintances. (“Have you ever visited Maui? I know a secluded beach there you really should check out.” “You’ve been getting frequent headaches? Perhaps you need brain surgery.”)

Well, now I’m a semi-expert on skincare. One of our newer clients, DermaMed Solutions, manufactures and markets aesthetic equipment and natural skincare products for use in spas and medical practices.

Earlier this year, president Mark Pinsley brought on The Hired Pens to help create a new website. Having recently assumed his position at DermaMed Solutions, Mark wanted to streamline the company’s sprawling Web presence (it maintained several websites) and make the messaging tighter and more benefits-focused.

Mark had a clear vision for how the site should read and a great sense of how to market to his target audience. That made my job a lot easier. The new site went live in September.

Kudos to graphic designer and illustrator Tim Bjorn for his beautiful work. Mark was looking for an “Apple” feel (e.g. lots of white space, easy scannability, user-friendly navigation), and I think Tim nailed it. It’s my first time teaming up with a Dane, and Tim has represented his native Denmark with distinction.

Best of luck to DermaMed Solutions in taking over the skincare industry. Don’t forget your friends on the way up!

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