C’mon, Honda, I Know You’re Better Than This!

I’ve been a Honda owner for six years. And like most Honda owners, I’m pretty happy with my vehicle. You can tell that when it comes to designing and manufacturing cars, Honda really pays attention to the details.

Hornberger'sApparently, however, Honda’s attention to the details doesn’t carry over to their advertising campaigns. Last week, while enjoying an episode of my favorite comedy, “30 Rock,” an ad came on. Check out the screenshot to your left. Catch the typo?

Yes, it’s the dreaded misplaced apostrophe. The Hornbergers are a fictional (and hilarious!) couple, so the apostrophe goes after the “s.” Of course, you — along with most third-graders — already knew that. So how does this get by Honda?

Not to go all Grammar Nazi on you, Honda, but I expect more from you. My recommendation: Take the proceeds from the sale of one of your ever-popular Pilots and hire a good proofreader. Consider it an investment in your brand. You won’t regret it.

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