The Kids Are Not Alright

As a copywriter who has been around for a few years, I sometimes worry about the future. Will supercomputers that “think” like humans someday make me obsolete? We’re probably awhile off from that. Will the natural aging process slowly eat away at my mental function, thus rendering me ineffective as a writer? At some point, […]

You Say You Want a Revolution(ary Brand of Motor Oil)

Most copywriters are sticklers for words, and I’m no exception. So at least once a day, I’m bound to come across something that offends my delicate sensibilities. Earlier today, I heard a radio ad for a motor oil that was touted as “revolutionary.” I thus was reminded that revolutionary has become one of those annoying […]

We’re on MarketingProfs Today!

The good folks at MarketingProfs (one of our favorite resources for marketing tips) were kind enough to publish an article of mine today: “What Dealing with Inconsiderate Prospects Has Taught Me.” I explain how inconsiderate prospects manage to make my life miserable and also offer some tips on how to lessen the pain. Hope you […]

Talking with a Talented Web Guy About the Value of Copy

Jason Schaffer is the director of technology and a managing partner at Blue Coda in Cambridge, Mass. His team builds a lot of websites, so we thought it would be interesting to get Jason’s perspective on content development. And yes, we were compelled to ask some blatantly leading questions about the importance of good copywriting. […]

Lessons I’ve Learned from Writing Fundraising Appeals

I have a confession to make: I write direct mail. Not of the “let us cover your house with our great vinyl siding!” variety, but something a bit more respectable. Rather, I write fundraising appeals on behalf of nonprofit hospitals and charitable organizations. So, yeah, you’ve probably tossed one of the letters I wrote into […]

Witness to the Content Revolution

My partner Anna and I are big fans of Marketing Profs’ Ann Handley. We’re also big fans of free events with continental breakfast included. So when I heard Ann was a featured speaker at Bridgeline Digital’s Content Revolution event this morning, naturally I signed up. As it turns out, Ann was ill. But her stand-in, […]

“How Can You Live in the Northeast?”

So asks Paul Simon on his 2006 album, Surprise. Not one of Simon’s classic songs, but the title inevitably pops in my head 1,000 or so times during winters like these. This is a tough question to answer when you’re shoveling out your car for the third time in a week and there’s nowhere left […]

An Open Letter to the Potential Client Who Contacted Us Last Month

Dear Potential Client, When you called us just before Thanksgiving, you were filled with urgency and enthusiasm. “We need copy for our website,” you said, “and it’s got to be ready in three weeks. Can you get me a quote by this afternoon?” “Yes,” I said. For we like to be accommodating. Especially when we […]

Thoughts on “The Future of Website Visitor Engagement”

I spent much of last week running around Cambridge and Boston to attend FutureM events. In case you missed it, FutureM featured “dozens of events and activities [showcasing] the leading ideas, thinkers and companies on the future of Marketing.” Kudos to MITX and the others who organized this weeklong shindig. I attended five of the […]

Now’s Your Opportunity to Earn $7.50 for Writing an Article! (Qualified Applicants Only, Please.)

So, are you familiar with Demand Media? I wasn’t until last week, when a friend of mine emailed me this article in Time magazine. The piece came out in March, so this blog post isn’t exactly timely. But Demand looks like it’ll be around for awhile, so what the hell. As author Dan Fletcher explains: […]