Anna is Interviewed for The NH Writers’ Network

Dan: Hey, we got an email from Lee Laughlin from the New Hampshire Writers’ Network — she wants to interview one of us for their blog. You want to take this one since you’re  from New Hampshire? Anna: Sure. I like being interviewed. Dan: Cool and hey, Live Free or Die. Anna: No, YOU Live […]

Don Draper Says What

If you haven’t seen this video that splices together scenes of Don Draper saying “What?” in tones incredulous, befuddled, angry, or otherwise you are in for a treat. WHAT kind a treat? Exactly.   Happy Friday, Anna

C’mon, Honda, I Know You’re Better Than This!

I’ve been a Honda owner for six years. And like most Honda owners, I’m pretty happy with my vehicle. You can tell that when it comes to designing and manufacturing cars, Honda really pays attention to the details. Apparently, however, Honda’s attention to the details doesn’t carry over to their advertising campaigns. Last week, while […]

Thoughts on “A Glimpse Into the Future of Marketing”

Earlier this week, I shared some thoughts on a session I attended at last week’s FutureM conference. Here are a few things I picked up from another panel discussion, “A Glimpse Into the Future of Marketing.” Learn to listen better, not just talk. Chris Brogan (president, New Marketing Labs) is The Man when it comes […]

Now’s Your Opportunity to Earn $7.50 for Writing an Article! (Qualified Applicants Only, Please.)

So, are you familiar with Demand Media? I wasn’t until last week, when a friend of mine emailed me this article in Time magazine. The piece came out in March, so this blog post isn’t exactly timely. But Demand looks like it’ll be around for awhile, so what the hell. As author Dan Fletcher explains: […]

You Mean the Advertising Industry Existed Before Sterling Cooper?

Yes, it’s true: Madison Avenue was cranking out advertising well before Donald Draper et al. were doing their thing. The glorious proof comes in the form of The High Art of Photographic Advertising, an exhibit running through Oct. 9 at Harvard Business School. The website includes the back story: “The 1934 Art and Industry Exhibition […]

When It Comes To ROI, Don’t Be a Mad Man: Part 2

Missed Part I? Read it here. So what is the new wave of development when it comes to generating and measuring ROI? Capitalizing on behavioral targeting. (Yeah, I’m talking to you, Facebook.) Despite these advances currently being challenged by consumer privacy advocates, there’s a major force working against it: The shift in privacy expectations — […]

When It Comes To ROI, Don’t Be a Mad Man: Part 1

We love guest posts from our pal at King Fish Media, Gordon Plutsky, especially when he writes about our favorite show. Take it away, Gordon … At the end of July, the AMC show Mad Men returns for its fourth season. The world of media and marketing has changed since the early 1960s advertising heyday. […]

Alive with Fatally Flawed Images of Pleasure!

I’m on to you, Lorillard, Inc., manufacturers of noted cigarette brands Newport, Kent, True and Old Gold. And now the truth will come out. Yes, I’ll admit that as a 12-year-old, I snuck into the woods in back of my house to sneak a Newport with my friend Neil. But that was nearly 30 years […]

Online Ads That Confuse and/or Scare Me

Although I am a normally functioning adult, I frequently see advertising that confuses and/or scares me. And that is the topic of today’s blog post. Take the sample to your left. It touts financial aid opportunities for moms who want to return to school. Displayed is a creepy dude who looks like the unholy alliance […]