Announcing the New Partner In Publishing Website

How come we haven’t updated our blog in eight days? For one thing, we spent Tuesday at a great conference hosted by the New England Direct Marketing Association (more on that tomorrow … or Monday). Second, we’ve been too darn busy working on client projects. Well, one of those client projects recently wrapped. And just […]

Can We Make Telecommunications Consulting Sexy? Well, No …

At The Hired Pens, we like to have fun with our blog. But when it comes to client work, we sometimes have to play it straight. Which is fine. After all, it’s not always appropriate to crack wise when you’re writing for a hospital, consulting firm or financial services provider. The same rule applies when […]

So What Do You Guys Do All Day, Anyway?

Well, usually Anna makes at least two trips across the street to Diesel Café, where she orders coffee and writes pithy Facebook status updates while she waits. And in a typical day, Dan spends at least 20 minutes complaining that his wife won’t let them buy the “really good apples” from New Zealand anymore on […]