Behold, the Power of One Good Idea

Sometimes a great idea gets all the attention it deserves. Case in point: This incredibly clever résumé by a man in Paris who found a new way to break through the cluttered mess that is the modern job search. His answer: a familiar Web product page, repurposed in every conceivable detail into a viral sales tool:

Of course, the design and layout are the real stars here. Note the new logo, the charming pictures and the verisimilitude of icons and graphics throughout.

But to those of us who live and breathe the art of product copywriting, the real pleasure of M. Dubost’s work is in its conception and creativity. Turning his prior work experience into customer reviews? Brilliant. Recommending the addition of running adderall adhd shoes and a plane ticket? Inspired. And the coup de grâce: To contact this particular candidate, you must add him to your cart.

There’s probably something to be said here about how eerily well the format of an Amazon product page fulfills every requirement of the modern résumé, and what that says about how we are all just faceless numbers in a corporate dystopia. But for now, let’s just enjoy the hilarity of this idea and marvel at its effectiveness: attracted over a million hits in its first eight days alone, and earned him mentions in Mashable, Adweek and the Huffington Post, among others.

That is one seriously hirable guy.

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