At Last, The Hired Pens Is Recognized for Excellence in Architecture!

Best of Gloucester Award

Award: not nearly actual size.

At The Hired Pens, we like to say that the only recognition we need is the satisfaction of our clients. Well, screw that. Because we just learned that “Hired Pen [sic] has been selected for the 2011 Best of Gloucester Award in the Architectural Services category by the US Commerce Association (USCA).”

According to the personalized email we received:

“I’m sure that your selection as a 2011 Award Winner is a reflection of the hard work of not only yourself, but of many people that have supported your business and contributed to the subsequent success of your organization. Congratulations on your selection to such an elite group of small businesses.”

Yes, this award is clearly a reflection of our hard work. Ever since I saw what a great career Mike Brady had on “The Brady Bunch,” I dreamed of becoming an architect. I recall sketching home exteriors during class as early as third grade. One time, my mom helped me make a model home out of toothpicks and glue. And even today, I occasionally design and build forts for my kids using only blankets, pillows and chairs.

What’s really cool about this honor is that the US Commerce Association will create a special plaque ($79.99) or crystal award ($179.99) for us to display in our place of business. We can even purchase both for the discounted price of $199.98. I’m going with the combo. When our clients see the plaque and award saluting our architectural prowess, they’re going to be wowed!

Dream Big

Photo courtesy: Greg L.

I’ll be perfectly frank: I never thought The Hired Pens would one day earn a Best of Gloucester Award for excellence in architectural services. After all, neither of us has been to Gloucester more than twice. And, well, we really know nothing about architecture. But I guess that Dream Big poster I’ve had hanging in my bedroom for 26 years really does provide some good advice.

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  1. Ethan Gilsdorf says:

    It sounds a lot like the award I once got for a poem from the “Poetry Library of America.” they wanted me to buy the red faux-leather, gold-embossed, slip-cased edition of the anthology in which my poem would appear. But they couldn”t fool me! I never bought the anthology. But I did get a free copy when my poem won third prize in the “children” category. I felt sorry for the folks who got hoodwinked.

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