Aspray: Perfect for You, or Give It to Your Smelly Friend


Infomercials are an endless source of entertainment. And last month, I thought I’d found the be-all-end-all with Comfort Wipe. Well, sorry Comfort Wipe, even with your extra-long reach you can’t touch the infomercial for Doc Bottoms Aspray, the new “all over” body spray created by the enthusiastic (i.e. insane) Adam Jay Geisinger.

How good (i.e. horrifyingly entertaining) is it? Remy Stern, author of “But Wait … There’s More!,” a history of infomercials, told The Washington Post, “I’d put it right up there near the top of the all-time most ridiculous ads.”

The ad was quickly pulled from MSNBC’s graveyard slot (2 a.m. to 5 a.m.), but if that discouraged Geisinger, it wasn’t for long. He responded by posting his spot on YouTube. According to The Boston Globe, it got a quarter million hits in just a few weeks.

If you haven’t already seen it, like I said with Comfort Wipe, stop whatever you are doing and watch it now. I particularly enjoyed (and was repulsed by) the compelling real-life testimonials. For example: “I work hard, I sweat a lot, I got odors in special places, and with Aspray I don’t have to worry about that anymore.” Now put down the potato chips and go get your phone.

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