Announcing the New Partner In Publishing Website

Partner in Publishing logoHow come we haven’t updated our blog in eight days? For one thing, we spent Tuesday at a great conference hosted by the New England Direct Marketing Association (more on that tomorrow … or Monday). Second, we’ve been too darn busy working on client projects.

Well, one of those client projects recently wrapped. And just yesterday, we saw the fruits of our labor when the new Partner In Publishing website went live.

Besides being a pleasure to deal with, Lisa March, Kevin O’Sullivan and their team do interesting work. They offer a diverse range of services to educational publishers (including most of the big guys) and companies developing online learning platforms.

Our thanks to Shaun Scovil of Cross Trade Ventures for his fine design and development work. The new site looks great, and it’s easy for Partner In Publishing to manage it via WordPress.

I toast you, Lisa, Kevin and Shaun, with an imaginary glass of champagne!

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