Anatomically Considered Placement?

At The Hired Pens, we write a lot of catalog copy — for PUMA, Zappos, Hasbro, Stride Rite, Timberland … the list goes on.  So to stay up on things, I always read new catalogs that arrive in the mail. The one that landed today has a really cool name: Sweaty Betty. It’s filled with workout gear for women.

I like the format and the design is nice. Sure, they could have chosen more athletic, less modely-looking models, but what’s new, right?

However, the phrase they chose to describe a running T made me laugh/roll my eyes. Rather than saying it has a “built-in bra,” they said, “anatomically considered placement.” I’m all for clever copy, but the word CONSIDERED threw me. Like, “well, we were going to put the built-in bra where breasts NORMALLY are, but we decided to shake things up and put the added reinforcement on the armpits instead!”

I’m just sayin’ …

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